Monday, June 22, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Activities with my kids!

Sometimes we get bored staying all day long at home...
So we try to find good places for the kids!! My host parents told me some places to go with them, and other places I found on the web.
Actually I forgot to take pictures in the swimming pool at YMCA and the Chunck 'n Cheese.


Ellen and Mohamed (below) swinging in the Adams Farm park. 03/31/2009


Ellen plays soccer like Brazilian players... be careful Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kaka and Robinho!
She did 2 goals (playing against some boys - hehehe)

Mohamed was doing some goals, too. 04/19/2009

Mohamed was getting annoying with this orange thing on his arm. 04/05/2009

His was so cute wearing this big T-shirt, lol...

They are champions!! Last soccer class, they won trophy.


They were pilot on this airplane, I loved this picture :D

Ellen was pulling the rope and making this big bubble around her and another girl.

My UPS boy!! Do you have any letters for me?

She was making food in the restaurant, yummmy!!

Ellen dressed up of physician, in front of the health center. She looks her parents!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello Jamestown, NC

March, 20th 2009.

I was sad, afraid and excited... my feelings were mixed. Mark and Gabriel drop me off at the airport, fortunalety I met Marcia there, because she was returning from California (she was studying during two weeks there), and I didn't know if I'd see and say good-bye to her.

I came in Greensboro, NC around 2 pm. Elwaleed (host dad) and Mohamed (3-years-old boy) picked me up at the airport.

Hind (host mom) was picking Ellen (5-years-old girl) up from the school. We meet at home in Jamestown, and then we had a lunch in a restaurant.

The kids were lovely, but I was so tired, after lunch I slept all day long...
I like my new life here, and I miss my old life in Rochester.

Bye,bye Rochester

My host family threw a surprise farewell party! it was very nice :D
Jully, Marina and Stefany went to my party. Other girls were invited, but Noelia was in Canada, and Jenita, Martina and Robin were helping Jenita's host mom - She broke her leg in a skiing accident.

One week later, we went to Boulders cafe, Jenita was leaving to Germany, and I was leaving to North Carolina. Our friends were there, we're celebrating our farewell party together - dancing on the stage... uhuuuu!!

Gabriel the cuttest boy!

Gabriel is the cuttest boy I ever met. He is very smart and friendly. I remember when my friends came over, he took their hand and invited them to play with him.

Story Time - very focused..

playing guitar gracefully!

smiling during potty training.

He was making his own song in Portuguese... I was teaching him some "presentation tricks".

Monday, March 30, 2009

Funny moments!

Having fun in the Vinyl!!

Au pair moments with Noelia and Jully. (Vera's B-day)

Wake up Jullyyy...

That's me!

I was trying to fix my lashes in the Boulders Cafe.

My "boluda" Noelia (Argentina)

Crazy Vera (Costa Rica - Pura Vida)

This machine stolen my 25 cents, and it didn't read my hand... Lol

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Christmas and New Year 2009

I spent my Christmas and New Year in the Silvio's family house
Silvio is my cousin by marriage - says Natalia
Isabella youngest daughter, Marcia his wife and Natalia oldest daughter.

We spent our money in the Cassino :o
We went to the zoo!
In the Christmas we went to their friend's house - they are from Minas Gerais, uai!
We had "comida mineira".

Natalia was my tour guide and my partner during my stay in NYC.

We went to Statue of Liberty.

We had bus tour around NYC.

In this place was the World Trade Center (Twin Towers).

Let's go to Broadway!!!!!

Times Square at night! In the line ot buy tickets for Broadway Show.

We went to the Broadway to watch - The Phantom of the Opera.

The end of the spectacle.

December 31st, 2008

I went to wax museum.

I will be the next American Idol hehehe!!

Shakira was watching me :D

Hilary and Bill were there, too!!

It is the famous ball that goes down in the Times Square during New Year celebration.

I was with Silvio and family celebrating New Year in a Brazilian party!!
It was very nice!! There was Roberto Carlos cover, Brazilian food, lots of Brazilian - I was in Brazil again...
Rodrigues' family - thank you so much for this moment - I didn't know how would be my vacation without your hospitality!!